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Why Green Cleaning is Beneficial for Your Pet

Making the switch from using chemically made cleaning products, to naturally made cleaners can be simpler than you thought, and comes with many benefits.

Do Harsh Cleaners Affect my Pet(s)?

You may not know it, but the toxins and chemicals in cleaning products are detrimental to an animal’s health, and may even be killing them slowly, without our knowledge. The toxic and harsh chemicals contained in common cleaning products contaminate the environment and deplete the ozone layer, yet we use them so often in our very own homes, around our loved ones, including your furry companion. Using eco friendly cleaning products promotes cleaner air quality, and gives us more insight on what exactly we are using to clean and disinfect our surroundings. A healthy environment, allows for a healthy pet.

Pets are typically smaller than humans in size, and spend much of their time on the floor, therefore the constant exposure to these harmful substances and dirt buildup, can drastically harm and endanger your pet. Chemicals found in cleaners, such as ammonia, and chlorine are detrimental to the well being of your health, and your pet’s. Knowing exactly what is in your cleaners, and how much, guarantees the safety of your pet. Using eco friendly cleaning concoctions will overall prevent damage and ruin to your pet’s overall health and safety. Just as we care for ourselves, we should care for our animals, and switching to green, environmentally friendly cleaning items will contribute in aiding our treasured pets.

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