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5 Essential Oil Hacks You Need to Try

Essential oils are unique in that they all have their own aroma and benefits, and hence their name, are essential to a clean smelling house and your overall health. They can be found in most stores, sold in multiples!

No More Chemicals!

A natural home cleaning product can be made using ten drops of thieves, and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Mix well and use on common household surfaces to disinfect, and leave smelling fresh.

Catch More Z’s

Lavender is a very common essential oil due to its relation to better sleeping habits. Diffusing lavender throughout your room at bedtime, or even rubbing drops of lavender along with some coconut oil can produce a restful, easygoing night.

Having a Bad Skin Day?

We’ve all been there before; waking up and seeing a new hideous bump on your face. Tea tree oil is a common disinfectant, and known for its healing properties. Take a cotton ball, add some drops of tea tree oil and water and apply directly to the problem area. The tea tree’s medicinal properties will help heal your acne, and leave your skin feeling fresh and bright.

Quick Perfume Dupe

As we know, lavender has a great smell and fills the room with a soft and pleasing aroma. If you ever find yourself in need of perfume, simply take a couple drops of lavender and apply to your normal perfume spots, such as your neck, wrists and behind the ears.

Tough Stain On Clothes

Getting oil on one of your favorite shirts can be stressful and upsetting, especially when that stain just won’t come out. However, if you act quick you can use lemon essential oil by rubbing a couple drops on the stain, and throwing it in the wash after. The lemon oil will break down the grease, and you can repeat as needed.

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