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 Upholstery Cleaning Services


What Is Upholstery?

Upholstery is the fabric and padding that covers your furniture—sofas, love seats, arm chairs, ottomans, stools, and more are all covered with upholstery fabric.

What Is Upholstery Cleaning? How Does It Work?

Upholstery cleaning  is the process of cleaning the fabric that upholsters your furniture. The fabric is vacuumed, conditioned, rinsed, and vacuum dried. We have specialized equipment needed to get your upholstery cleaned.

The Benefits of  Upholstery Cleaning

It’s not just common sense, but a fact: when you have clean carpets and upholstery, you just feel healthier. Don’t you?  If your upholstered furniture looks dirty, it’s dirty…very dirty. 

  • Keep allergies at bay with a cleaner couch 

  • Improve indoor air quality

  • Prolong upholstery life span

  • Restores appearances

  • Sitting on a soiled couch is unsanitary

How Often Should My Couches Be Cleaned ?

We recommend that its ideal to have your couch professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. This interval of cleaning means your couch will be fresh, clean and durable. When you have the upholstery on our couch cleaned, it removes soils that, over time, will degrade the fibers of the couch.